Kitchen Built-in Cupboards in South Africa

Whether you are looking for compact kitchen built-in units / cupboards or whether you want lavishly styled cupboards, you can afford your dream kitchen with our DIY custom units. Some of the cupboard and shelf options we offer include walk-in pantries and open display shelves. You can choose everything – from the finishing to the door handle – to make your built-in cupboards your own.

Built-in cupboards give you the space you need to really enjoy your kitchen. A family style kitchen is ideal for those big family dinners and afternoon homework sessions. Imagine the joy of baking pancakes with your family on lazy Sunday mornings with plenty of space in which to make a mess: this is how special family moments are created that make fond and lasting memories.

Are You an Entertainer? Get the Built-In Cupboards That Work for You

A great trick to having an open kitchen that is geared for entertaining is having a scullery. It means that any mess or unwanted clutter can be quickly and easily moved away to the scullery and out of the sight of guests. This helps to keep things looking tidy and welcoming while you are busy and entertaining. It is also a good place to store extra appliances so that your kitchen workspace is freed up for you to work with ease.

Compact Built-In Cupboards for Compact Living

Compact kitchens are all about smart storage and the prioritising of the available space. You need to decide what is most important to you and how you will be making use of your kitchen space. Although every family is different in how they use their kitchen, things like grocery cupboards, pot drawers and wicker baskets are ideal for making your space more efficient.

An important aspect of a family kitchen is having adequate floor space for good work flow. This helps the kitchen to not feel too crowded when it’s full of people, and it allows lots of space for little kids to run around. Make sure there is enough room between all the elements you need in your kitchen by investing in built-in cupboards.

We are the experts in cupboard design. If you’re looking for DIY built-in cupboards in South Africa, then get in touch to find out more about our cupboard prices.


Wine Unit

Microwave Unit – 600mm

End Display Unit – 300mm

Top Unit – 1200mm

Top Unit – 900mm

Top Unit – 600mm

Top Unit – 450mm

Top Corner Unit – 300mm

Extractor Fan Unit – 450mm


Base Unit – 1200mm

Base Unit – 900mm

Base Unit – 450mm

Base Unit – 600mm

Base Unit – 4 Drawer – 600mm

Base Unit – 4 Drawer – 450mm

Base Unit – 3 Basket Drawer – 450mm

Base Unit – 2 Pot Drawer – 600mm

Base Unit – 1 Drawer – 600mm

Base Unit – 1 Drawer – 450mm

Base Unit – End Display – 450mm

Base Unit – Corner Unit – 900mm


Walk In Pantry – 900mm

Broom Cupboard – 450mm

Grocery Unit – 450mm

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