We’ve made installing your DIY Kitchen from Game, simple and painless. Follow our installation guides
and assembly instructions step by step and you will have a new kitchen in next to no time.

A comprehensive installation guide for the DIY enthusiast.

A tool checklist for your DIY projects.

The post installation part of the guide.

A lot of DIY installers walk into the kitchen and then get started straight away with the installation without taking the time to look around the room. Stand in the kitchen, plan in hand, and visualize the installation. Where do I begin and then where to after that etc. There is a lot of value in doing the installation mentally prior to actually installing because a lot of the time you will spot areas of concern and you can make adjustments to eliminate the problem. Visualizing the installation will also help you speed up the installation. If you have mentally installed the job step by step, including the counters, handles, appliances etc. prior to starting you will find that when you have completed one section you do not need to spend time thinking about what to do next because you already know.

Having the right tools are essential. Tools are the corner stone of your job and poor tools or the wrong tools will lead to poor quality workmanship or at best will hinder your ability to work quickly and efficiently. Over the years we have realized that there is a direct correlation between the quality of the successful job completion and the quality and completeness of the tool kit.

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