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Drawers & Compartments

From giant 3-drawer chests to cute bedside pedestals, drawers cannot be overlooked as toy storage. Maybe it is time to ditch the traditional toy boxes for multi-level, multipurpose, slide-out storage. Drawers are also not just limited to toys, they are amazing for storing literally anything! Drawers are great for storing clothes and make great display units, they are amazingly versatile. Bright colours are great for kids, but buying a unit in a neutral colour like white can help you to create a bedroom for growing kids and even allow you to use the drawers in other rooms of the house!

Frisky Fox’s Chest Of Drawers
A sturdy chest with super spacious drawers can be a perfect substitute for built-in cupboards to store all those cute little clothes that they are bound to grow out of in a month. Then, once they are all grown up and grow out of those cute little onesies, you can use it for toys, stationery, books, bedding and linen.

Hazel Hyena’s Space Saver
When it comes to kids storage, petite and versatile storage solutions will prove their worth. They are great as bedside pedestals and in study spaces. It is just amazing how handy little drawer units, like our range of Space Savers, can be. Hazel Hyena’s Space Saver is not the only one of its kind, we also have Space Savers designed to specifically store shoes and other Space Savers designed to store a wide variety of items.

Brother Bear’s Bedside Pedestal
A bedside pedestal is an important item in a child’s room, think about it, it is the perfect place for a bedside lamp, a clock, a cup of juice or water and it is a bonus if you can use it as toy storage and a place to keep all the best bedtime story books. Brother Bear’s Bedside Pedestal checks all the boxes! It has a wonderful amount of surface space for a lamp and other items. It has a drawer for bits and bobs and a compartment for very special books and toys.

Ben Bunny’s Compactum
If you are looking for more substantial, think of Ben Bunny’s Compactum as the “big brother” to Brother Bear’s Bedside Pedestal. This unit is 1040mm high x 800mm wide x 500mm deep and available in stunning colours, such as green, red and white for your children’s rooms. The giant drawers and compartment make the perfect toy storage for larger items.

Mini Built-in Cupboard
While kids will be kids, let’s take advantage of their mini clothes with an equally mini built-in cupboard. Built-in cupboards (as a general rule) are great for small rooms because they don’t take up any floor space. Our mini built-in cupboard takes this a step further, saving you even more space! It is also an awesome combination of hanging cupboards, open shelving and a Soft Close drawer. You can use all this space for clothes or utilise it for toy storage, it is honestly perfect for storing anything.

When choosing toy storage (or any storage for that matter), it is always important to remember the added little features that make your storage more child-friendly. One such feature that is present throughout our entire kids range is the use of Soft Close drawers. Soft Close means that your drawers wide glide shut will minimal effort and noise, easy-to-use and perfect for growing children.

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