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At UCAN we believe in enriching environments for kids, creating fun, stimulating and organised spaces for children of all ages! Our product development team is at the forefront of creating unique kids desks and furniture that will help solve problems such as storage and workspace for your children.


Make room for this kids bedroom classic, bookshelves are a staple for toy storage. Not only are they great for storing, well books, but they are also amazing for storing all their favourite toys (to look at on display and also to quickly grab when they want to play with them).

Riley Racoon’s Bookcase

This bookcase is a magical addition to your child’s bedroom – it is not your ordinary bookcase, it is quirky and fun design with a variety of compartments in two different sizes. It is a clever bookcase for toy storage and to display all their favourite bedtime stories. 

Olivia Ostrich’s Modular 6 Cube

Another awesome bookshelf option for toy storage and display! Perfect for smaller bedrooms because of its tall height and smaller surface area. The bigger shelf compartments are great for bigger toys like teddy bears and fire trucks! 

Olivia Ostrich’s Modular 1 Cube

Modular cubes are nifty little storage boxes to add an extra bit of functionality to your bookshelves. They make tidying up extremely easy and fit snugly into the bookshelf compartments. Our modular cubes are perfectly suited for storing smaller toys and stationery.

Kids Desks

Children love to play with toys, but also with coloured pencils and pens. It is important to give them a little spot to be creative and store stationery. The wonderful thing about our student desks is that they will be useful at all phases of your child’s journey. From crayons, colouring in books and marble painting, to text-books and scientific calculators!

Felix Fox’s Student Desk

This is one that you can be really proud of! It has three main benefits packed into it; first, it doesn’t take up ANY floor space! Second, it is the cutest little work station (you can even steal it and put it in your office or in the lounge, it can literally go anywhere). Last, but certainly not least, it has built-in shelves for extra storage! When you close it up, it is like the mess isn’t even there (it is a dream come true)! 

Kyle Kudu Kids Desk

If you’re in the market for a freestanding desk, our Kyle Kudu Kids Desk offers a range of awesome features! It comes with one drawer for storing small items and stationery, and two compartments for toy storage and books! You can also get your this unit in a variety of fun colours to match the decor in your children’s bedroom. 

Helping parents organise their children’s space is a huge motivator and driving force behind our product development team. We are constantly looking for ways to introduce innovative designs into classic toy storage! Our tailored-made service means that customers can get custom manufactured units to meet their needs and work with any space. If you are in need of a custom made unit, contact our support team on 0317139579 or email info@ucandoit.co.za.

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