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A kitchen renovation is no small task, it requires planning and there are procedures to follow, most people outsource their projects to professional kitchen specialists (sometimes it’s just easier that way). However, that being said, there is absolutely no reason why you can’t do this yourself! UCAN advocates all things DIY, especially the DIY kitchen. By the time you’re done reading this blog, you’ll realise DIY doesn’t have to be scary and that with our range of kitchen units for sale, you can pick and choose units for your perfect layout to build your very own dream kitchen.

Coordinating your own kitchen remodel simply means that you will plan, order and install your kitchen yourself. The process is quite straightforward:

Measure up (double & triple check)

Not sure how to measure up your kitchen? Don’t worry, we have you covered with our measure up guide, the steps are all laid out for you!

Get the design solidified

Plan your perfect kitchen layout with our Master Planner Tool, find a layout that works with your space. Use the dimensions of the units you have selected to plan every inch of your kitchen.

Place your orders for everything

Start adding kitchen units to your cart and then proceed to checkout! While you are online you might as well order all your accessories, appliances and decor too.


We believe in you, you can do it yourself! All the units come flat-packed with pre-drilled holes, all the hardware you need and easy-to-follow assembly instructions to complete the installation.

For DIY enthusiasts, those looking for a way to get stuck into their renovation, we have a variety of kitchen units for sale. Suppliers, like UCAN, sell kitchen units in a variety of sizes and configurations, which allows you to build your kitchen cabinets and layout from scratch. You can find anything from walk in pantry units and broom cupboards, to a range of top units and counter units. You can use these various units and styles to configure your kitchen layout. You can place your order once you have a kitchen layout finalised. Your units will soon be shipped out and at your door in a flash, all that’s left for you to do is begin installing them! 

What to look for in kitchen units

  • Material – ensure that your kitchen units are manufactured from high-quality materials, do research on the material so that you know exactly what type of wood/wood alternatives you are purchasing.
  • Affordability – are you getting the best value for money, quality goods don’t have to cost a fortune. You can also save quite a bit with most kitchen units because you don’t have to worry about labour costs for installation.
  • Quality – ordering online can be tricky, without examining the product you run the risk of purchasing bad quality units. We recommend selecting a reputable supplier; reading reviews and product descriptions can also be very helpful.

The UCAN modular kitchen unit range includes standard size units that can be purchased directly off the website and shipped straight to your door. Talk to us for assistance with custom sizes, we have the capability to manufacture units to your requirements. If it’s custom dimensions or configurations you are looking for, we can make your dreams a reality.

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