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Your Complete Guide to Custom Kitchens from UCAN

UCAN has been supplying custom kitchens throughout South Africa since 1995, meeting the high demand for affordable, quality kitchens. Over the past 25 years, we have gained an abundance of industry experience and can offer expert guidance to make your kitchen renovation as quick and easy as possible.

We have structured our process in a way that achieves all of our clients’ goals to give peace of mind. Enjoy the process, access constant support from our staff, keep an eye on budget, choose from payment options and enjoy excellent and efficient service.

  • Chat to us

We make it easy to get in touch, whether message, call or email, we will help you figure out how to move on to the next step. Our friendly staff will help you get the ball rolling and help you book your measure up appointment so that you can get your quote as soon as possible. 

  • Measure Up

In step two, you can either allow us to measure your space or you can use our measure up guide to measure your kitchen yourself. We do charge a small fee for this service, which is refundable if you accept your quote and remodel your kitchen with UCAN. 

  • Master Planner Tool

Once you know the dimensions of your kitchen you can download our Master Planner Tool, to help you finesse your kitchen layout. To help you identify what not to do, read our Common Rookie Mistakes in Kitchen Renovations blog. Always keep your workflow and kitchen triangle top of mind.

  • Colours

Not that the previous steps weren’t exciting, but now comes the real exciting part! Kicking-off your style with fantastic colour choices for your built-in kitchen cupboards! There are many options available to you at this stage; either you go minimalist, trendy, modern or classic. Currently, two-toned kitchens and unexpected colour combinations are very on trend. The more popular alternative is a timeless kitchen with pops of colour brought in with decor pieces that can be easily swapped out as trends change. Our UCAN catalogue, custom kitchen gallery, UV colour and Melawood colour swatches are all great places to start for colour inspiration.

  • Kitchen Cabinets

Next up, cabinetry! This means choosing door styles and handles for your kitchen cabinets to complete the style you are going for. You can ask your UCAN support team to go through our door styles with you. You can find our selection of door handles on our website.

  • Countertops

Exactly like the cabinet colour, two-toned worktops are very much the “in thing”, also on the list of trends is marble. Marble may be a trend currently, but it is also a classic and is a good way to future-proof your kitchen. You don’t want to choose something that will go out of date in a hurry. Chat to our support team about the countertop options available to you, a selection of options are featured in our catalogue.

  • Delivery & Installation

The UCAN team of professional installers will now bring your dream to life, we handle everything from nationwide delivery to installation. Our DIY range of modular kitchen units allows you to configure and install your kitchen cabinets yourself.

  • The Happily Ever After

You can start enjoying your family’s perfect kitchen! Enjoy the sense of pride that comes with handpicking every last detail. Even though the process is technically over, we would still love to hear from you! Let us know how you are enjoying your new kitchen or ask any kitchen related questions. UCAN custom kitchen customers enjoy 2-year peace of mind guarantee.

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