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Storage Sorted: A Room-by-room Guide

Every year it is always the same – new year, new me! The resolutions are rolling in and we’re all hopeful that we can stick with them to adopt positive habits and improve our lives. We find that it is easier to stick to your resolutions and goals if you’re in a well-organised and efficient space. There’s plenty of reasons why; it all seems a little less overwhelming in an organised space and everything is just easier to find. In turn, an organised space will save you so much time which will be better spent achieving your goals.


Movable Storage

It’s a lifesaver – combining two of our all-time favourite things, portability and storage! Ideal for things that are regularly moved from room to room, like refreshments while entertaining, as well as kids storage (packing up kids’ toys and carting them to the bedroom to pack away in the toy box). They are just perfect for cleaning up odds and ends that make the room look cluttered.


Like with like, this is just a great general rule for every room, but because the living room is the place where family members come together it is easy for a wide variety of items to land up here. Grouping and storing similar items together makes them easier to find when you are looking for them because you already have a general idea of where it should be.

Cable Management

Let’s talk about the elephant in the living room; unappealing cables everywhere from the various electronics. Amazing cable management is here to save the day! There are tons of cable management options out there, just take a few moments to research, see what is out there and what works best for you. Instantly make your living room look tidy and organised with minimal effort.


Storage Boxes
Keep the clutter in your office under control with decorative storage boxes. Our modular cubes are great for this. You can also use a sturdy cardboard box, with or without a lid. Carry this organisational tip over to your office at work. This tip is particularly useful if you have lots of shelving and display units in your office.


Bed risers

Create extra space in your bedroom literally from nowhere with a simple set of bed risers. Bed risers will prop your bed up and elevate it off the floor, you can then utilise this newfound space under your bed to store all sorts of goodies. 


Pedestals are pretty much the standard these days, everyone has them. They don’t take up much space but they are so important and serve a great purpose. Find out which pedestal you should be using – match your pedestal with your personality.


Wall-mounted Vanities

One of the most important, and not always spacious, rooms in the house is the bathroom. If you have limited storage in your bathroom we recommend adding a floating vanity to give you that little bit of extra storage space to pack away toiletries.


Wireware & Kitchen Accessories

Smart kitchen wireware and accessories have the potential to multiply your storage! Kitchen accessories are designed to make the most of your cupboards vertical space, as well as its depth and width. A spice rack, cutlery tray, glass rack, wine bottle holder, larder unit and carousel are a few essentials that will bring order to your kitchen cupboards this year!



Bedroom built-in cupboards in the garage are the way forward! Built-in cupboards can be used to organise any room. By filing your garage with built-in cupboards, you will have a more efficient use of space that would otherwise go underutilised.

Racks & Wall Storage

Transform the walls of your garage into storage machines! Mounting wall storage racks and hooks lets you hang up gardening tools, power tools, bikes and all your household odds and ends. We don’t want to spoil anything for you, but you might want to be on the lookout for something of this nature coming soon to UCAN.

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