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Your bedroom is the most sacred and personal space in your home, a retreat for you to relax and unwind, filled with all the things you love. Room decor is a huge element to set the tone for your bedroom. We love how a good bedside pedestal can contribute to the overall aesthetic of your bedroom while still being extremely practical and functional. Who we are determines what we might want to keep handy during the night – once you know what you are storing, you’ll know what type of pedestal you need to look for.

The Bookworm
If you are an avid night-time reader, you probably want to keep your current book or books right by your bedside for a good read before you sleep. Our Space Saver Open Shelf – White is the perfect pedestal to display your favourite novels.

The Night Owls
We are characterising night owls as those who are active on their phones or working on laptops before bed. They might also want to binge on TV series until the early hours of the morning. Our top pick for those of you who are keeping laptops on charge next to the bed or docking stations and chargers for your phone is our UCAN Bedside Pedestal NU1 – Basket Optional, this unit sacrifices a minimal amount of depth but offers 500mm width for all your gadgets. It also has an optional wicker basket component that can come in handy for cable and power cord storage.

The Midnight Snacker
Whether it is a glass of water or chips and biscuits stash, these are the ones that like having any refreshments nearby during the night. A pedestal with drawers is the perfect space to tuck away little treats for yourself without anyone knowing. Hazel Hyena’s Space Saver – White offers the best storage for all your snacks with 3x drawers so that no one is the wiser. This unit also comes with soft close drawers making it super silent in the middle of the night.

The Early Birds
Whether you love it or hate it, an alarm clock is a very useful thing to have on your bedside table. Even if it is your phone’s alarm, you still want to have it close by. Brother Bear’s Bedside Pedestal is a classic bedside pedestal that comes with sufficient surface space, one drawer and an open storage compartment to meet all your needs.

The Collector
Your bedside table is also a great surface space to keep little trinkets and decor items. Granted, not all bedside pedestals have a lot of space, it is perfect for a candle and picture frame, even a ring bowl or jewellery stand for all your accessories. Our top picks for displaying little knick-knacks are the UCAN Space Saver Open Shelf – White and the Brother Bear’s Bedside Pedestal, both with open compartments to display your treasures.

The Beauty Guru
Imagine the ideal storage for all your favourite beauty products and tools in your night-time routine, easily accessible when you need them. Some other “nice-to-haves” next to your bed are: a good mirror, a good lamp and a trusty sleep mask to block out all distractions when you hit the hay. Our Space Saver Standard 3 Drawer – White is an extremely budget-friendly option with 450mm x 480mm surface area and 3x drawers that can be used for makeup and skincare storage.

The Neat Ones
Odds and ends have the potential to look very untidy when they are haphazardly placed on your bedside table. You need the perfect pedestal solution to declutter your bedside space – Hazel Hyena’s Space Saver. This unit offers 3 drawers to provide optimal storage for any bedside clutter that you would like to keep to a minimum. We all have a little bit of a perfectionist in us and want our space to be a little bit more put-together, the UCAN range of pedestals offers solutions to store all sorts of items to keep your room neat and tidy.

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