6 Reasons Why Flat-Packed Is Fabulous 2

Flat-packed furniture can be made out of a few types of materials, but our UCAN cupboards are made out of melamine wood. It is a type of manufactured wood that is made up of pressed wood particles and a minimal amount of other materials, such as resin and paper. The outer surface of the wood is then covered in a laminate, which allows us to create custom finishes to our units.

That is one of the things we love most about flat-packed furniture. The possibilities are endless. With UCAN, you can customise anything! If you want to talk to us about making a custom unit specifically to your requirements we can certainly do that. Even just a simple colour change of a unit on our online store, we’ll be happy to help.

Benefits of flat-packed furniture:

Flat-packed furniture is made from more economical and cost-effective material in comparison to its ready-made counterpart. Flat-packed furniture is manufactured using CNC machinery, the automated process eliminates manual labour costs of your furniture which can carry a hefty price tag. Flat-packed furniture also often has a wide range of applications, serving more than one purpose which allows you to cut back on the amount of furniture you are buying.

Easy to assemble
Ready-to-assemble furniture comes with pre-drilled holes, all the necessary nuts, bolts, hinges and instructions. It fits together like the easiest puzzle you have ever attempted! You can have your furniture set up in a few short steps and start using it the very same day.

Easy to transport
Along with being easy to assemble, comes the added benefit of being able to disassemble. You can easily collapse your flat-packed furniture if you are moving house and have more flexibility when transporting it. Even just bringing your cupboards home from the store is a breeze!

Easy to clean
Melamine wood’s laminate coating makes UCAN cupboards extremely easy to clean. Be sure to dust regularly and when necessary all that is needed is a simple wipe down with warm, soapy water (depending on how dirty your furniture is). Regular cleaning is quick and will help maintain your DIY cupboards. Want more cleaning tips? Read our squeaky clean blog.

Easy storage
In the battle of flat-packed furniture versus ready-made furniture, flat-packed furniture comes out on top, when it comes to ease of storage. Simply dismantle your furniture or cupboards for compact storage when not in use. When you need them again, they are easy to assemble and begin using again.

Furniture made from manufactured wood, such as melamine wood, is a more sustainable means of making furniture. It is a very important part of the lifecycle of wood products. It has the added benefits of a low-energy manufacturing process that is free of hazardous chemicals.

Flat-packed furniture is the way of the future – it is extremely customisable, it will save you time, money and tons of space. So what are you waiting for? Start shopping!


  1. Do you have a catologue and price list? Where are you based?

    1. Hi Hannes

      Our Catologue can be found by clicking the following link: https://www.ucandoit.co.za/wp-content/uploads/UCAN-CATALOGUE-2020.pdf

      Our address is: 19 Progress Rd, Pineside, New Germany, 3610

      If there is anything else you require please let us know and we will be happy to assist.

      UCAN Team

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