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As we experience leaps and bounds in technological advances, we are seeing the face of the work environment change. It is no longer a long commute to the office for your usual 9 to 5, as more and more businesses are embracing the flexibility of working from home. Whether you’re lucky enough to work from home, work for yourself or you simply need a quaint space to study, we’ll show you how to ensure your space is highly functional and productive, don’t you worry.

Location is key, we cannot stress this enough. Ensure you pick somewhere safe from distractions. When choosing your space, you should consider how much space you will need to do your work and make sure that any equipment you may need can be accommodated by your space. Lastly, if you can, try to pick the room with the best view to gaze at while you’re thinking and working.

Now that you have the best possible spot in the house, it is time to move on to your layout. Consider the things you will be using the most and need easy access to, is it a printer, are you filing all day, every day? If so, these are things that you should keep in close proximity for a functional layout.

Carefully plan your storage space and try to get maximum results with minimal furniture. Multifunctional furniture is always fantastic in any home office. If you require a great deal of storage space you will probably need a drawer unit, shelf unit and suitable desk storage. Again, it all depends on the work you do. If you store everything digitally and have no need for hardcopy filing then a simple, little 3-Draw Space Saver is all you really need, perfect for next to your desk.

Now you have to organise the little finicky items like a boss. Stationery on your desk, your filing system, projects your working on, study notes, find organisational systems for everything because a messy work environment can be the biggest demotivating factor of all. Eliminating the clutter minimises distractions and stress for maximum productivity, which is what we are aiming for here.

Next up, big-ticket items like your desk and chair, the most important features of any home office. In order for you to be as productive as possible, these two pieces of furniture need to be extremely ergonomic and practical. Don’t settle for a chair that causes you any pain, or an office desk the size of an A4 page, it will just frustrate you and completely put you off work. There are budget-friendly options for desks and chairs if you know where to look.

To top it all off, decorate it and make it your own. It is estimated that most of us spend a third of our lives at work, so make sure you spend that time immersed in an environment that you love, filled with all the things that motivate you the most. Ensure your space is extremely well lit, include some plants and your home office is ready!

Implementing these tips into your home office will happily motivate you to get stuck into work. The best part, you can do it all yourself and decorate it in any way you want to make it the perfect environment for productivity.

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