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Firstly, what is multifunctional furniture? Simply put, it is furniture that serves more than one purpose and can function in various ways. This could be something that is made up of multiple storage solutions, i.e. a combination of drawers, to store odds and ends that make clutter, and shelves to show off display pieces. Multipurpose can also refer to convertibility, like our Felix Fox student desk which can be closed up and hidden away to save space. Multifunctional furniture can simply refer to the flexibility of a unit, in the sense that it can be used in any room, from kids rooms to home studies.

Now that you know what it is – here’s why you need some in your life:


  • Versatility, your home layout is not going to stay the same way forever. Being able to transfer your furniture from one room to another is such an asset. The needs of your rooms change depending on the phase of your life. For example, let say that your guest room becomes a baby room in the near future, you will definitely need more storage in that room. If you have multifunctional furniture, you can use a cupboard from another room as a bedroom cupboard for the new baby room. One day you might move and find yourself in a home with not as much lounge space, being able to move units through to another room, like a bedroom, will help you effectively make use of the space you have. 
  • Saves you money – multifunctional furniture can eliminate the need for other units. You can have one cupboard that does it all – shelves to display your ornaments and books, drawers to hide notebooks, pens, stationery, etc. while still having quick access to them, and then cupboard space to store bigger items.” 
  • By cutting down on the amount of furniture you have in a room, you minimise that over-crowded look. Keeping your home decor look clean and minimal. We are not saying that there is anything wrong with wanting multiple multifunctional units in a room, if you have the space for them, go crazy. 
  • Multifunctional pieces often have a more timeless and modern feel to them, because they are intended to be used across the board, they do not conform to a specific style. Thus, they do not need to be updated as often as other furniture. 
  • Multifunctional units also make cleaning much quicker – sleek surfaces can be wiped down (often the surfaces are waterproof) and fewer units to clean means time-saving benefits.

If you have had a look at our multifunctional furniture range, then you know how stunning these units can be. They truly are an “investment” and perfect for growing families, big families, small families, singles and house sharers.

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