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Are you ready to get excited about organising your wardrobe? We have some awesome, low-maintenance organisational systems to introduce to your wardrobe. Not only will your cupboard look AMAZING, but you will also be able to find the perfect outfit much faster.

A very popular way of organising your wardrobe is by sorting your clothing by colour, particularly following the order of the colours in the rainbow. This organisational system makes a lot of sense if you think about it, how often do you look in your cupboard with an idea of what you want to wear, but nothing specific in mind. Let’s say you get invited to a festival, you probably have a lot of ideas in mind, you know you want something summery, breezy, bright, perhaps floral? At a glance, you can look at your colour coded clothes and single out your ideal outfit. This tip is particularly helpful if you are a person who wears a large variety of colourful clothes, if you have fewer colours that you wear regularly or a more monochromatic wardrobe then the next method might work better for you.

Although, sorting by colour is a very popular system, the alternative which is equally as popular is sorting by style. To organise your cupboard by style you would hang like with like, all shirts, all shorts, all long pants, all long dresses, all short dresses, all skirts – in their respective categories. This way, you can easily combine a top and bottoms that are cute and weather appropriate. You can take this technique a step further and sort by length! This will maximise your hanging space. Hang items such as short skirts and T-shirts on short clothing rails. Save any longer length clothing items to go on top rails with more hanging space. This ensures that you don’t waste the extra hanging space on short items and that your long items aren’t forced onto a small rail (where they hang on the floor and get dirty or creased).

If you have a wider selection of clothes and you are looking for ways to simplify your life, then we definitely recommend sorting by season. This technique will practically cut your wardrobe in half! The clothes you are most likely to wear in specific seasons are given more space in your wardrobe, while the rest are stored away. You can either store your clothes in storage containers and pack them away in your cupboard’s overhead storage compartments, or simply move the clothing items to the back of your wardrobe or in any space that isn’t as easily accessible. Swapping out your clothes seasonally also provides you with the perfect opportunity to purge any items that you no longer wear, anything that doesn’t fit or is simply not your style anymore. Don’t be scared, purging doesn’t always mean throwing away, you can pass these items on to a friend, a family member or donate them to a charity who would greatly appreciate them.

So carve out some time, grab a snack and start sorting. Once you’re done, you’ll have one less thing to worry about and an organisational system that kicks butt!

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