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Minimalism is a movement that began a few years ago, encouraging people to start living with less clutter in their homes. It is often overwhelming to look around your house and see how much stuff (a lot of it not being used) you have accumulated over the last couple of years. UCAN DIY wants to inspire you to live with less, with these minimalist kitchen ideas.

How to Turn your Cluttered Kitchen into Minimalist-inspired Kitchen

Here are 4 simple ways you can transform and achieve a chic, clutter-free and modern minimalist kitchen.

1. Clear Out Your Kitchen

The first thing to do when trying to achieve the perfect minimalist kitchen is to clean out as much of your kitchen as possible. Start by going through small appliances and gadgets and then work your way up to bigger appliances and devices. Be sure that you get rid of duplicates too! It is important to be honest with yourself about what you do and do not use often. Once you have got rid of the things you don’t need, you can find permanent homes for the things that are staying.

2. Get Clean Cabinet Lines

Most minimalist kitchens designs are focused on enhancing the fundamentals of the kitchen, such as the cabinets, cupboards and appliances. This is often done by accentuating clean, smooth lines in these appliances. Frameless cabinets allow for cupboard doors to lines up easily against each other, creating an uninterrupted flow of cabinets.

3. Select Neutral Colours

When trying to get a basic kitchen, you need to stick to basic colours. White and shades of grey are a great choice for a minimalist kitchen, as brighter colours will not contribute to the basic look you are trying to achieve. While colour won’t brighten your kitchen, the light shades will brighten things up, as light neutral colours reflect the light off of things such as the walls and cabinets.

4. Consider your Appliances and Their Placing

In order for your appliances to match your minimalist kitchen, you need to buy them in the same colour as the walls and cabinets or stick to something chic, such as stainless steel. It is also important for your appliances to all have their own spot; you cannot buy a toaster and simply place it somewhere on your counter. Minimalists have places for everything, therefore you will want something, such as a shelf, to be custom-made to hold your toaster and give the impression that every appliance has been perfectly thought out.

Let UCAN DIY Help You Achieve Your Kitchen Goal

UCAN DIY are experts on renovations and would be happy to assist you in the journey toward obtaining your dream minimalist kitchen. Whether you need us to cut your cabinets for you to install, or do it all for you, let us know by giving us a call and telling us how we can be of assistance to you.

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