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With kitchen renovations being so costly and time-consuming, you want to ensure that you are doing it the right way, the first time. People often invest in a new kitchen, only to get swept up in the possibilities and don’t think things through, this results in errors that cost a lot of money to fix.

Common Kitchen Renovation Missteps You Don’t Want to Make

UCAN DIY know all about kitchen renovations mistakes to avoid and want to share them with you. Here are 5 of the most common kitchen renovations mistakes:

1. Don’t Mis-size Crucial Features

This is a big no-no when renovating a kitchen. Before you set out to buy crucial features for your kitchen, such as bar stools for the breakfast bar or a dishwasher, it is so important for you to accurately measure the space they will be occupying. A dishwasher that is far to small, or bar stools that are way too tall, can affect the overall look of a kitchen more than you realize. So, before you impulse buy, insure that whatever you are buying fits their designated spot.

2. Don’t Underestimate the Space Needed for Storage

Most homeowners should know that you can never have too much storage space. Cupboard dividers, pot and pan holders, walk in pantries, roll out drawers are all great storage methods that will help you maximise your kitchen space. The last thing you want is for your expensive new kitchen to look over-crowded, so fit storage in wherever you can.

3. Don’t Forget to Consider the Workflow

Overlooking this small detail may result in years of frustration for cooks. The fridge, oven and sink are the most used areas in the kitchen, therefore it is important for them to be set-out in a logical order, which is often the recommended triangle design. Having them placed right next to each other will make it hard for two people to use the kitchen at the same time without it feeling quite overcrowded.

4. Don’t Skimp on Important Items

A kitchen is an investment; therefore, all the vital appliances are features you outlay for should be bought to last. Buying things on the cheap will definitely save you money in the moment, however, the purchase will, more often than not, become a hassle to maintain, repair and replace. Spending that extra money will not only give you top-notch products made to last, but you will also avoid ruining the overall look of your kitchen by filling it with cheap appliances.

5. Don’t Choose Appliances Last

This is the ultimate rookie error. Choosing your appliances often results in disappointment, as they don’t match the colour scheme or style, or fit nicely in their designated spots. You want to purchase your appliances immediately after you have finalized the kitchen plans and just before you begin doing any renovations; by doing this, you have your appliances on hand to make sure they fit and work well in the area you chose for them and if they don’t, you still have time to change something.

Let UCAN DIY Help You Avoid These Mistakes

With years of experience in the business, UCAN DIY is ready to step in and help you with your kitchen renovations, should the need arise. DIY kitchens can be tricky and we won’t blame you if you need a little guidance. Place your order from your accessories, appliances or customized kitchen options today or call us with any questions.

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