Built in cupboards offer a simple, flexible way to add space to even the smallest of home offices. What makes this type of storage so versatile is the ability to plan your storage needs according to your available space. Unlike traditional free-standing cupboards and shelving, built in storage is designed to effortlessly fit into your space. This means that you can create your own storage units by combining units of varying sizes. For example, you could pair a four door cupboard with a two door cupboard, or you could pair a three door and a two door cupboard with a wall-mounted desk and a space saver shelf or two.

Once you begin to plan your own home office, you will realise that you have the ability to not only create an office that is completely unique, but also one that makes the best use of the space you have rather than the space you wish you had. Keep reading to find out what makes built in cupboards the perfect choice for home studies.


Some of the biggest advantages to using built in cupboards in your home office include the following:

Increase surface space.
As an alternative to open shelving and low shelves, built in units reduce surface clutter considerably. This allows you to store files, books and various other items safely out of the way. Whether you choose two door, three door, four door or a combination of cupboards that suit your space, you will be able to keep your office organised, with filing and other items stored in a way that keeps your office open and organised. Space savers can further help to created a streamlined office. Try an open shelf space saver to display awards or décor, or use a standard three drawer space saver to store papers, stationery and smaller items safely.

Create a unified office.
Another way that built in storage can work in a home office is to create a sleek, unified office that is professional and stylish. Whether you receive visitors to your office or you simply want to feel creative and focused when catching up on work, it is vital that your home study is designed to inspire. A sleek, unified office containing beautifully designed built in units will ensure that you always feel like a professional, whatever your work may entail. Here at Ucan, you will find high quality cupboards made from melamine, available in a choice of three finishes – white, monument oak and black cherry. You can also change the handles of your cupboard to further customise the units to your home office look and feel.

Customise your available space effortlessly.
Along with built in units, you could also further optimise your available space with a bookcase unit or a modular cube storage unit that allows you to mix and match your storage needs effortlessly. A student desk can also be integrated, creating an excellent homework space for kids or a handy desk area for adults. Depending on the available wall space you have, you could use a combination of cupboard and shelving units to create study nooks if you lack the space for a separate office. In larger offices, you could create work areas, storage areas and reading areas. With the help of versatile built in storage, the possibilities are endless.

Visit the Ucan online store to browse our wide range of high quality built in cupboards, and start planning your dream office today.