Gone are the days when an item of furniture served one purpose, and one purpose alone. In a modern home, your furniture often has to work twice as hard to earn its keep, offering you and your family more bang for your buck. In keeping with this, we want to have a look at the many ways in which you can use open shelf units to add storage to your living space, without cramping your style. Keep reading for our top five uses for open shelf units…


Of course, the most obvious way to use our MF 5 Open Shelf Unit is as a media and entertainment centre for your living room. You can either stand your TV on or mount it above the 368mm unit, and use the four shelves to house your other appliances, such as DVD players, satellite decoders, and gaming consoles.

Balance the tech gadgets with stylish décor items that enhance the styling of your living room. Don’t go with anything too loud or crazy, as this solution is aimed more at streamlined function, rather than making a statement.

TIP! You can hide unsightly cables behind the unit by drilling a small hole at the back of each shelf.


Do you fancy yourself a bit of a collector? Do you have a gorgeous collection of crockery that you want to display? What about curios from your travels across the globe? Antique trinkets, even. You can use the modern MF 9 Open Shelf Unit to tastefully display some of your favourite curated items without cluttering your space.

To make this unit a standout design feature, consider the colours and contrasting sizes of your curated items. Arrange them so that they create visual interest, leading the eye across the shelf, and not overwhelming it. This display should compliment your existing colour scheme to be most effective.


Of course, open shelf units can be used as bookcases as well. However, we want to encourage you to rethink the bookcases you once knew and loved. In a sleek, modern home, you want your bookcase to accent the space, not to dominate it.

As such, our two open shelf units are 368mm and 850mm, and can be placed as entrance hall counters and console tables respectively. When packing your shelf, consider alternating between vertical and horizontal stacking to create interest. Pop sleek bookends in between collections to add an element of design to the shelves. You could even colour coordinate your books if you like!


Rethink the traditional sideboard with this functional idea: swap out old, bulky sideboards from your great aunty for a modern and simplistic alternative, such as an open shelf unit. The top can be used for serving, décor, and even lighting, whilst the storage space below can accommodate plants, décor items, and crockery.

The open shelf design doesn’t close of the space, and the slimmer depth of the unit is perfect for smaller spaces.


Last but not least, we have the trendy console table. Console tables are perfect for placing behind the couch in a large open plan area, which helps to divide the room into segments. On top, you can place a pair of beautiful lamps to add light to the space, or a bouquet of flowers to accent your personal style.

The storage space below makes this a double threat for the living room, and at only 350mm deep, the MF 9 Open Shelf Unit won’t take up your precious space.

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