When we look on the shelves of our local store – there are so many choices for commercial cleaners these days. But a lot of people are starting to question whether these cleaners are doing more harm than good.

With commercial cleaners being packed with lots of potentially harmful chemicals, many are becoming sceptical of their uses. There are a number of plus sides to the old school, chemical free cleaners too which is why it seems to slowly be making more sense to go in this direction. Firstly DIY Cleaners are usually much better for the environment because of them containing less chemicals. They can be much cheaper with the basics often including vinegar, bicarbonate of soda (baking soda) and lemons. They are said to be much healthier for our bodies, especially when used in the kitchen; we don’t want the harmful cleaning chemicals to get onto our plates and then into our bodies, for example.

Here is some info we’ve found on different DIY cleaners from articles. They definitely give some food for thought, so even if your skeptical, it’s worth a read.

Lemons can be used for bleaching, cleansing and disinfecting, who knew! Some of the tips we found include using lemon halves to disinfect a wooden chopping board or boring them in a pot of water and then adding items that you would like whitened.

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Salt is often well known for it’s disinfectant properties, so it would make sense to use it more often in the kitchen!

Bicarbonate of Soda
This really seems like a wonder cleaner. It can be so effective in cleaning and deodorising which is quite handy. Many  suggest using placing an open container of bicarb into your fridge to keep unwanted smells away. Other tips include using bicarb to cut through grease in blocked up sinks, remove stains from crockery and other surfaces, and cleaning ovens, microwaves and fridges.

BBC Food: Ten Ways To Spring Clean Your Kitchen, BHG: Cleaning With Baking Soda 

Sometimes it can make for a tasty salad dressing but it can also be a powerful cleaning agent.

BHG: Cleaning With Vinegar

These are apparently very effective in keeping bugs out of your cupboard such as weevils.

These are all some great components for cleaning but some like to combine their cleaning powers for extra strength – here are their tips:

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Micro-wave and Fridge: Martha Stewart: Cleaning Appliances

We hope this has given you some great food for thought as well as cleaning. It would be great to get your feedback on whether or not you have tried and tested any of these theories and how it went. Please let us know by leaving a comment on the post or by sending us a message on Facebook. Other general articles: BHG: Get Things Clean The Natural Way BHG: Green Cleaning Tips