Modern kitchen designs need modern inspiration. Create an elegant, easy living modern kitchen yourself. Our kitchen cupboards, units and cabinets will help you create the kitchen design of your dreams.

Modern Kitchen Designs


24mm BEVEL for a Modern Kitchen Finish
Square and shallow door lines for a modern kitchen
HC SHAKER for a Modern Kitchen Finish


Modern kitchen designs are easy. Think about the type of Kitchen that will never grow old and you’ve got it. A Simple living kitchen is a ‘no fuss kitchen’ with crisp clean lines, minimal detailing and elegant kitchen cupboards, units and cabinets. Just because it is timeless, does not mean it cannot be on trend. A simple living space can be achieved with a neutral colour palette where your accessories add a splash of colour, enabling you to change your look by simply changing your accessories as and when your tastes change. We suggest the following elements to get the luscious loft look for your Ucan DIY Kitchen from Game:

Use the Mini door top unit to change it up a bit and create a larger wall space above the counter for hanging and displaying elements. These accessories can be changed when needed. Use different handles on different elements and leave handles off some door faces to create a seamless look and feel.

Accessorise using different handles on your drawer fronts as to your cupboard doors, all the while keeping them simple and modern. We recommend using the barrel handle, bar handle, cup handle, square knob or the whalebone handle as these are perfectly suited to modern kitchen designs. Incorporate accessories onto your large wall space area above the counter, such as the wine display 4 bottle rack as well as a kitchen rail and s-hooks to hang utensils and dishtowels from. Don’t forget to maximize your storage inside your cupboards by incorporating a pull out spice rack, as the more items stored the crisper and cleaner the overall look.

To finish off the look, place a kickplate on the base of the unit and opt for a light coloured countertop for that clean and crisp feel. We suggest the Verster or Gloss Mocha worktop.

Alternate the neutral colour palette in this kitchen. We recommend using a dark colour such as American Walnut or Burgan Mahogany on the base units as well as the broom or larder unit. Be different with the top units by choosing a lighter colour such as a white wrap or DIY painting the raw units in a light neutral tone.

Modern kitchen designs require symmetry, simplicity and cleanliness. Keep door profiles simple, crisp and clean. Choose a Bevel door face profile with a square line or 4- 11mm bevel edge . No capping is required but light shields can be added if necessary.

For more inspiration on modern kitchen designs have a look through our catalogue.


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