Sketch a diagram of your kitchen, with all the walls, windows, entrances and exits shown.

Measure all the sides that you have sketched in mm. Measure the ceiling height.

Start by measuring from the floor to the ceiling,

then the distance between walls, and from the

corners to the doors.

Measure each window and their distance from the floor,

the ceiling and the corners of your room.

Do the same for the doors.


Sketch all doors and windows, plug, stove, light, plumbing and other electrical or plumbing points that

need to be marked. Start at the top left hand corner of your sketch pad and continue clockwise around

the room until each point has been accurately measured (include the frame in the measurements for the

windows and doors). Also measure the respective distances from the corner of the walls.

Mark down anything that sticks out into the room such as ventilation shafts and pipes.

Note the position of your drains and water supply. If you are planning to relocate these, mark their new positions.

Measure and not the position of existing power outlets and

light switches. Mark where you would like new ones to be.


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Need Some Inspiration?

Here are some kitchen layouts we think could help you




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