Farmhouse living encompasses everything that is family orientated. It creates a sense of warmth, and gives the house a homely feel. DIY Family farmhouse living showcases elements that an actual farmhouse would contain, such as warm rugs, fresh farm vegetables and eggs, chicken mesh wire and collections of mismatched crockery. The family farmhouse style can be taken to its rustic extreme or alternatively toned down to a more classic look.

We suggest the following elements to get the family farmhouse look for your Ucan DIY Kitchen from Game: Add some creativity by using chalkboard paint on raw door fronts to add grocery lists or kids activities as a reminder for the week ahead. Instead of having all doors the same, opt to change it up a bit and alternate door front finishes. By choosing a framed cupboard door front, you can create that farmhouse feel by simply adding chicken mesh bought from your local hardware store to completely transform the unit.

Accessorise by choosing antique styled handles to finish off the farmhouse look. Detailed and classic will work in this style. Mix and match handles to create the mismatched feel. Its often a good rule of thumb to place all handles on doors the same and then choose a different handle for all drawer fronts. To add to the farmhouse feel, secure some wine glass holders to the underside of the top units to display your wine glasses in an easily accessible way. Attach a kitchen rail above your counter with a hanging plate rack to showcase more of your collectibles. Full these with dishtowels, crockery and utensils for cooking.

Finish off the look by adding kickplates in the same finish as door fronts and add capping to finish off the tops of your units. It is a good idea to add a light rail to the underside of your cabinets in order to attach under counter lighting and make this kitchen space more warm and homely.

Opt for light colour finishes such as Coimbra wrap, Black Cherry, Cream, Cuppucino and Vancouver Maple Melamine. Try and combine the kitchen with a rich warm wall colour to create a cosy atmosphere. Leaving your walls raw brick is a great way to create that rustic but chic feel. It’s always important to consider the details to complete the look. Different door profiles work perfectly in this style. All country styled profiles will work best in this space, such as V Groove & tongue & Groove Shaker. Give doors a bevel or bullnose edge to complete this look.


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