Style culture combines the old with the new in a perfect harmony. To create this DIY Classic Kitchen one simply needs to ‘Update’classic profiles by combining them with modern elements. Style culture allows for personal styling to take place by the owner adding eclectic elements into the kitchen space. For example,the owner may have a beautiful Art Deco collectible kettle or designer rug that will work perfectly in this style to portray his/her personality or possibly showcase his/her travels.

We suggest the following elements to get the style culture look for your Ucan DIY Kitchen from Game:

Decide on a clever configuration of your cabinetry. Mix pot drawers with cupboard doors on your base units to maximize cupboard space as well as create a different feel within your kitchen. Use mini top units for a streamlined look and place one of the separate units on lockable castors to be moved around in your kitchen to double up as a kitchen island when needed. Definitely add an interesting rug to the center of your kitchen and add greenery wherever you can. Use interesting floor treatments within this space to create interest wherever one looks.

Accessorise by using simple modern handles placed horizontally on all door fronts. Your ironmongery is an easy way to incorporated modern elements into your kitchen. Choose simple straight forward handles such as the curved crest, barrel and bar handles. Attach a kitchen rail above your countertop with a hanging plate rack and s-hooks to showcase your eclectic elements. Accessorize your countertop with herbs, wooden boards and small bottles.

Finish off the look by attaching a kickplate to your base units and place a single unit on lockable castors. No capping or light shield is required.

Use any light colour on your cabinetry so that the door face profile detail is clearly visible. Choose the white wrap, cuppuccino, or cream melamine to showcase the design best. One may also opt for a raw finish in order to paint the cabinets in a very light pastel colour. Choose a light coloured worktop to keep this look light and fresh. We recommend the Gloss mocha worktop. Wallpaper walls in a beautiful pattern or use a soft colour palette if painting.

Choose a detailed profile on all door faces to give your kitchen a classical look. We recommend using a Bevel square or Neo Classic door face profile, as well as a s-profile edge.


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