Ucan was originally born in 1995 out of a demand for cutom made kitchens. In 2008 a partnership was formed between Ucan and the household South African brand Game to give South Africans access to affordable quality kitchen solutions.


The essence of Ucan is to create quality, affordable kitchens that enables more South Africans to own the kitchen of their dreams. More than this we want people to feel like their kitchen is part of their family. It is the engine room of any home, and should fit the way families live. The kitchen is often entwined in the memories we made with brothers and sisters, moms and dads and so it should be made with this in mind. Kitchens are more than just cupboards and sinks, it’s a place where memories are made, delicious meals cooked with love, and where families and friends come together.


We are a family of 75 at our head office in Kwa-Zulu Natal with our factory housing the latest machinery to create beautiful kitchens. We believe in our country and that local is better so we have made every effort to ensure our kitchen units and built-in cupboards as well as other products are locally designed and manufactured. We only use the highest grade materials to manufacture our quality products and we pride ourselves on our craftsmanship.

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